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Functional requirements DRAFT

Version: 0.4

Updated: 06/13/2001



  1. Home Page
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                                                               i.      Sell Your Business

                                                             ii.      Business Directory

                                                            iii.      My BusinessBuy

                                                            iv.      Help

    1. Business Categories

                                                               i.      Retail

1.       General

2.       Fashion

3.       Health

4.       Home

5.       Sport

6.       Food

7.       Auto

                                                             ii.      Manufacturing

1.       General

2.       Furniture

3.       Metal

4.       Textile

5.       Transportation

6.       Chemical

7.       Machinery

                                                            iii.      Technical

1.       General

2.       Biotech

3.       Computer

4.       Electronics

5.       Media

                                                            iv.      Services

1.       General

2.       Advertising

3.       Construction

4.       Education

5.       Healthcare

6.       Help for Hire

7.       Maintenance

8.       Pets

9.       Professional

10.   Real Estate

11.   Transportation

                                                              v.      Leisure

1.       General

2.       Bars/Pubs

3.       Entertainment

4.       Health

5.       Hotels

6.       Sport

7.       Travel

                                                            vi.      Food

1.       General

2.       Restaurants

3.       Merchants

4.       Supply

5.       Retailers

  1. Sell your Business Page
    1. Gold Package ($49.99 per 3 months)

                                                               i.      BusinessBuy Featured Listing

                                                             ii.      Prioritized Search results

                                                            iii.      Bold Listing

                                                            iv.      Link to website

                                                              v.      Notice sent to Buyers

                                                            vi.      Photo Listings

    1. Silver Package ($19.99 per 3 months)

                                                               i.      BusinessBuy Featured Listing within the category of your choice

                                                             ii.      Photo Listing

                                                            iii.      Link to website

  1. Business Directory
    1. List items in this order: Gold -> Silver.25 items per page.Sold items will get an icon as being sold and will
    2. Listing detail

                                                               i.      Gold Package

1.       Business Title (bold, click for more details)

2.       Location

3.       Price

4.       Description

5.       Contact Seller

6.       More Details

                                                             ii.      Silver Package (utilize one line)

1.       Business Title (click for more details)

2.       Price

3.       Location

    1. Listing click

                                                               i.      Business Title

                                                             ii.      Location

                                                            iii.      Price

                                                            iv.      Gross Income

                                                              v.      Net Profit

                                                            vi.      Description

                                                           vii.      Documents

                                                         viii.      URL

                                                           ix.      Photo

                                                             x.      Is Franchise?

                                                           xi.      Is Relocate-able?

                                                          xii.      Real Estate or Lease info

                                                        xiii.      Years in Business

                                                         xiv.      Number of Employees

                                                          xv.      Reason for Selling

                                                         xvi.      Contact Seller

  1. My BusinessBuy
    1. If Solo, show single entry page and allow updates to userís listing.

                                                               i.      Show single listing.

                                                             ii.      Allow for Update.

                                                            iii.      Show number of messages pending in users Inbox.

                                                            iv.      User can update listing as SOLD.

    1. If Broker, show all businesses in listing-like format.

                                                               i.      Show multiple listings per page

                                                             ii.      Allow for Add/Update/Delete.

                                                            iii.      Show number of messages pending in users Inbox.

                                                            iv.      User can update listing as SOLD.

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    2. Site Map
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  2. Contact Seller Page (To Seller or Brokerís home page)
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Re: Listing Title
    4. Message Content
  3. Fields for Gold and Silver Packages (also registers Solo Sellers)
    1. Contact Information

                                                               i.      Name

                                                             ii.      Address

                                                            iii.      Email

                                                            iv.      Username

                                                              v.      Password/Verify Password

    1. Tell us about your Business

                                                               i.      Title

                                                             ii.      Description

                                                            iii.      Photographs

                                                            iv.      Documents

                                                              v.      Website Address

    1. Business Information

                                                               i.      Location

                                                             ii.      Franchise Information

                                                            iii.      Franchise Details

                                                            iv.      Relocation (Can the business be relocated?)

                                                              v.      Property/Real Estate

                                                            vi.      Real Estate Included?

                                                           vii.      Description of Property

                                                         viii.      Leased?

                                                           ix.      Lease Information

                                                             x.      Years in Business

                                                           xi.      Employees

                                                          xii.      Reason for Selling

    1. Financial Information

                                                               i.      Currency

                                                             ii.      Price

                                                            iii.      Sales Revenue

                                                            iv.      Income

  1. Broker's Registration Page ($10 per month unlimited listings)
    1. Brokers get their own home page to advertise their services and listings.
    2. Contact Information

                                                               i.      Name

                                                             ii.      Address

                                                            iii.      Email

                                                            iv.      Telephone

                                                              v.      Fax

    1. Company Information

                                                               i.      Name

                                                             ii.      Address

                                                            iii.      City

                                                            iv.      State

                                                              v.      Zip

                                                            vi.      Country

                                                           vii.      Hyperlink

    1. Account Information

                                                               i.      Username

                                                             ii.      Password/Verify Password

                                                            iii.      Company Summary