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Ernest T. Carroll
OBJECTIVE Internet developer with an entrepreneurial background and a passion for new technologies pursuing a career with an Internet or e-commerce company. Skilled at building strong team environments and fostering open communications.
TARGET JOB Desired Job Type: Contract
  Desired Status: Full-time, Part-time, Remote
  Salary: 100.00 US$ Per Hour
  Site Location: Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
  Career Level: 5+ years of experience
  Date of Availability: Negotiable
WORK STATUS I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.
EXPERIENCE 4/2001 - Present Glaxo SmithKline Collegeville, Pennsylvania
  Independent Contractor - Senior Web Developer
  Created a full-scale cost center management tool for the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. The project consisted of three months of requirements gathering and 3 months of coding. This fully automated hierarchy management Active Server Pages solution incorporated a complete administrative section with an easy to use GUI front-end for clients. The back-end consisted of an Oracle 8.1.7 database.

Responsibilities included: Meeting with Glaxo employees on a regular basis to gather version 1.0 and 1.3 requirements; Designing and developing 1.0 Beta prototype; Assisting with logical and physical data model creation; Attending and participating in weekly status meetings; Managing development time to meet and exceed client expectations.
  6/2000 - 12/2000 Network Solutions, Inc. Herndon, Virginia
  Independent Contractor - Technical Lead

Responsible for the data conversion, migration, and technical management of into the NetworkSolutions/Verisign environment.

Responsibilities included: Migrating the existing NT/MSSQL platform to UNIX/Oracle while retaining the ColdFusion architecture; Creating project plans, developing process flows; Systems analysis; Designing and implementing a ColdFusion friendly UNIX architecture; Managing a team of 5 developers; Reporting progress to Project Managers through bi-weekly status meetings.

  9/1999 - 6/2000 Ridley, Pennsylvania
  Co-Founder / Vice-President

Completely designed and developed, an Internet leading domain name auction house and listing service. This four-hundred plus page site was built over the course of a year. EzDomainAuction also originated the EzNameFinder functionality which many sites use today to find available domain names based on keywords.

Responsibilities included: Designing a scalable database in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0; Selecting a scalable, robust, application platform (ColdFusion); Developing a project plan and course of development; Organizing web designers and beta testers for quality assurance; Co-authoring a business plan; Configuring fee schedules to maximize profits; Evaluating the current market and determining appropriate product offerings.

The site sold in June to Network Solutions/Verisign Inc. A six month consulting agreement followed the sale. I participated in all facets of the sale from initial contact to the closing process.

  9/1998 - 5/2000 Shared Medical Systems Malvern, Pennsylvania
  Systems Analyst

Developed and launched and projects. The sites were originally written in Active Server Pages utilizing a Microsoft SQL Server 6.0 database back end. The sites were developed under a joint venture of Shared Medical Systems, Intel, and West Jersey Health Systems. The purpose of the sites was health information and disease management. was the first disease management web site on the Internet. It's main purpose was to help people with diabetes manage their disease by interfacing their insulin meters with their computers donated by Intel.

Responsibilities included: Leading a five person cross company team for the one year project; Acting as senior web developer for SMS; Designing project plans, organizing meetings, writing detailed code for the disease management section of the site; Reporting to project managers during weekly status meetings; Specifying the server farm hardware and software requirements.

  9/1997 - 3/1998 Alphanet Solutions Inc. Wayne, Pennsylvania
  Participated in the roll-out and installation of over 400 Windows NT workstations. Wrote the batch scripts to load the software image over the network onto the new machines. Also participated in the migration of Microsoft Mail to Microsoft Exchange at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals. Became the youngest member of the Alphanet Solutions web development team specializing in Active Server Pages and Microsoft SQL Server.
EDUCATION 6/2001 LaSalle University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  Bachelor's Degree
  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Experience
  Active Server Pages Expert 5 years
  ColdFusion Expert 5 years
  Windows NT/2000 Expert 5 years
  E-Commerce Expert 4 years
  Visual Basic Script Expert 4 years
  Javascript Expert 4 years
  Access Expert 4 years
  MS SQL Server Expert 4 years
  TCP/IP Intermediate 4 years
  Oracle Intermediate 3 years
Java Server Pages Intermediate 2 years
  Perl CGI Intermediate 2 years
  PHP Intermediate 2 years
  MySQL Intermediate 2 years
  Linux Redhat Intermediate 2 years
  XML Intermediate 2 years
  Visio Professional Intermediate 2 years
  Java Beginner 1 years
  Sun Unix Beginner 1 years

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)